Our clients are entrepreneurs, companies, partnerships and private clients.
We deliver interdisciplinary top quality expertise - often in cooperation with
our CPA- and tax adviser-colleagues. You can expect competent advice and
direct contact to your attorney at law.


Commercial law,
corporate law

We appear for and advise our clients in all matters concerning company law – from the founding of the company or partnership until the winding-up.
We draft for our clients articles of association. We give advice in all company law matters. We draft all contracts necessary in connection with our clients` companies and partnerships.
If it comes to litigation between shareholders we appear for our clients in and out of court. Personally. Competent. Always available for our clients.

• Mergers & Acquisitions
• Negotiation and drafting of company contracts
• Litigation between shareholders;
• Winding-up of companies and partnerships
• Liquidation;
• Reorganisation and restructuring advices
• German trust law (Treuhand)

In the area of commercial law our focus is on commercial agency law. Furthermore we represent you and your company in all commercial disputes in and out of court.


Inheritance law

We are experts in inheritance law. We draft our client`s last will or inheritance contract. We do not simply see the inheritance law point of view but also consider aspects of tax law, company law and family law in order to provide our clients with a top quality interdisciplinary solution.
In litigation concerning inheritance law matters we appear for our clients in and out of court.

Our attorneys at law publish in major German tax and law journals especially concerning (international) inheritance tax law.
In trans-national inheritance cases (e.g. foreign domicile, nationality or foreign assets) we appear for and advise our clients with competence and experience.

Our partner Dr. Hindersmann has many years of experience as an executer of a will, also about larger assets and bussiness assets.
Apart from his own activity as an executer of a will, Dr Hindersmann advices heirs in dealing with executers of a will as well as executers of a will in dealing with heirs.


Tax law

We are experts in tax structuring and tax advice.

As specialised and highly qualified attorneys at law, tax advisers and tax lawyers we also appear for our clients at fiscal authorities and at finance courts.
Our attorneys at law are experienced and skillful in any finance litigation proceedings. They belong to the best in any tax law matter as it is prooved by various publications in major German tax journals.

The mixture between academic background and practical experience ensures top quality advice and appearance in any litigation and proceeding concerning tax matters.


Other business law and
labour law

Furthermore we give advice and represent companies in all questions about civil business law and labour law. This includes also the drafting of contracts and the appearance in and out of court.

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